International Academic Competitions organizes quiz competitions for students in over 30 countries. We are devoted to supporting history, science, and geography education through enriching and exciting tournaments that make learning fun!

Job Description

We are seeking students to promote our National History Bee, National Science Bee & International Geography Bee. The sole job of an Outreach Specialist is to meet teachers and principals in person (either at their schools, or for coffee / lunch etc.) to introduce them to our events and encourage their schools to compete. All this requires of them is to offer our free online qualifying exam to their students. This does not require more than a few hours of a teacher’s time. It’s an easy sell, but you’re not really even “selling” anything, since this is free for the schools! We then earn money when qualified students compete at our regional, national, and international championships, for which their parents pay. But first we need to get the schools to agree to offer the qualifying exam. That’s where you come in!

Outreach specialists receive $25 hourly pay for meetings – they are also paid this for travel time to get to and from them. The position also includes travel and food & drink reimbursements plus a 33% commission based on student participation at the regional tournaments. We will schedule the meetings for you – just tell us when you are free to do them. The Bees cost $45 per student, so you earn $15 per event. About 30-50% of students from each school qualify for the regional tournaments but there is no absolute limit per school. So if you bring in just 1 new school (see table) it can be worth $500+ On average you can earn up to $40-50 an hour or more!

Job Requirements

  • Must attend two 60-minute online training sessions

  • Must have access to a vehicle

  • Must provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19

  • Must be available for a virtual interview before October 1

  • Must be able to commit 5+ hours weekly through December 18 (with breaks for exams and Thanksgiving)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with any of the following: sales, academic competitions, public relations, teaching, acting


Sample Commission Table

Event Totals History Geography Science Total Fees Your Commission
5 History
3 Geography
4 Science
$225 $135 $180 $540 $108
10 History
10 Geography
5 Science
$450 $450 $225 $1,125 $225
20 History
15 Geography
10 Science
$900 $675 $450 $1,800 $360
50 History
35 Geography
40 Science
$2,250 $1,575 $1,800 $5,625 $1,125