Please note that this registration method can only be used by schools that meet one of the following criteria:

A) Schools wishing to sign up 10 or more students (where payment can be made either by credit/debit card or by check). Please note that your registration fee includes a 4% Credit Card Processing Fee that is incurred with your registration and this fee is non-refundable. If you choose to pay by card.

B) Schools that do not have the ability to pay by credit card.

In order to register using this method, please do the following (in order):

  1. Please complete this form with the number of students you wish to register for your selected Regional Finals. Note that the deadline for bulk submissions is the 2nd Sunday prior to the event for all Regional Finals events (13 days for Saturday events; 14 for Sunday events).
  2. Please copy this template (Registration Roster) and send along a completed copy with your students’ information to Do not send this file to any other address. Please include the student’s Registration Number/Player ID. Note that we need to receive one GoogleSheet per competition and you cannot list multiple tournament registrations on the same Google Sheet.
  3. We need each parent to submit our 2023-2024 IAC Media Release Form if they want to authorize International Academic Competitions (IAC) to use images and quotes in our media. If a form is not submitted for a student we will assume that the answer is “We are not authorized”.

Once both steps have been completed, we will send you an invoice for payment via email. All checks must be received by the registration deadline. If you require assistance please email or you may call us at 802-923-0400. Our phone are monitored and answered (M-F, 10am-6pm Eastern).