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The number of followers is at a Historically significant date! 
If you are at our Middle and Elementary National Championships and can tell me why the number of followers is a significant date and you are the first person to stop at the help desk with the answer at NOON you will a special prize! 
Visit Kiersten at the help desk at Noon and be the first to tell why that number is important!
#historybee #geographybee #sciencebee #mesnats 

Also, help us reach our goal of getting to 1250 followers by the end of MES Nats by sharing our handle with your friends and visiting the selfie station to take your photo with frames for your subjects!
Merch desk is getting ready! Look at this new merch! New Nalgene, pens, pins and notebooks along with the awesome shirts!
Our Logistics Director Jay has the joy of modeling our frames for the selfie station! One of every subject, and fun props as well! This station will be at the help desk for the fun of it all tournament long! 
#roadtonationals #historybee #geographybee #sciencebee #historybowl #MESNats
@hyattregencyorlando is getting ready for Middle and Elementary School Nationals! It’s calm now, but tomorrow will be the early kick off to the National Championships here in Orlando! Stay tuned for updates all weekend long!
So a lot of parents for Middle and Elementary National Championships are asking, how does the block schedule get determined?

Good question! So block assignments are made using a couple factors. 
First, we look at what kids have signed up for which activities. If you sign up for exams offered during one block, you are likely going to be put into the other block of competition.
Second, we look at the results and scores of all the kids coming to Nationals and how they performed at regionals. Our Statistics team worked overtime to make sure the matches will be fair and balanced so all kids get equal chance to succeed no matter who they are playing against.

Because of this, at this juncture in time, NO REQUESTS FOR BLOCK CHANGES will be granted. Our team has been working overtime to provide as balanced a matchup as possible, and we cannot shuffle kids around. 

See you all starting Thursday in Orlando! 

#roadtonationals #historybee #geographybee #sciencebee
So for friends and family friday this week, we wanted to tell you all a story...
Quiz bowl is a small world. A lot of the adults who work with IAC on tournaments know each other from places like Jeopardy, other trivia formats like Learned League, etc. Normally, we don't think anything of it, but in this story, it's an even smaller world than that.
Marie H-G, who is one of our AMAZING online tournament directors and readers at Nationals, has a very unusual last name for her maiden name. Kiersten, (yours truly), had a great-grandparent who came over from Norway through Ellis Island with the same unusual last name, right down to the spelling, but it was changed by immigration to a more Anglicanized version. 
The coincidence was just too strange not to warrant investigating, so with some digging by K's genealogy loving cousins in Australia, it turns out that we're cousins! Distant cousins, but enough it can be seen somewhere in the tree. 

Proof that sometimes the trivia genes run in families, no matter how distantly related they are!
#friendsandfamilyfriday #cousins #itsallrelative
Block assignments are live!!!!
Please read the email that went out! It is a long email but has a lot of info in that is important! Read before emailing your questions please!
Hello lovely people!

In the lead up to the Middle and Elementary School National Championships, two questions keep coming into the email box: "What block am I assigned?" and "How do I get my room assignments?"

Registration closed on May 6th with over 2000+ registrations to sort, collate and assign. Our team has been working around the clock to make sure there are no schedule conflicts for kids who signed up for a lot, that students are assigned by their scores at regionals, and ironing out the details and assignments accordingly. 

As you can imagine, that is A LOT of sorting! After all, these students deserve the chance to play in as much as possible if they signed up, right? It takes a lot of logistics to get this done, but rest assured, you will get your block assignments and room assignments before the tournament begins a week from today!

And a special shout out and thank you to that team behind the scenes! You guys are working so hard and we know it is not easy! 

All assignments will be going out in Pre-Tournament emails in the lead up to the National Championships, so stay tuned!

#roadtonationals #historybee #geographybee #sciencebee #historybowl #geographybowl #academicbowl #quizbowl
Hello lovely people!

We want to make sure we give all divisions and parts of the world coverage on our social media pages, and we realize that sometimes it appears we cover one group more than others. We want to make sure competitors around the globe get the recognition that they deserve.

For our Varsity and Junior Varsity divisions this is especially difficult, as those tournaments are often run by teams rather than IAC staff, and we cannot get the photos we need to let you all shine.

This is where you all come in! 

We want to offer you all the chance to be on our Press Corps year round! How would this work, you ask?
Fill out the form at

And in the 2024-2025, you will send in photos from the IAC tournaments you play in to our social media coordinator, no matter how well you do, and earn volunteer hours you can use on your CVs or for school (if your school requires them), and you will get tagged in the posts as a byline, getting credit that looks great on college applications as involvement in extracurriculars!

And if you are going to be at International Geography Championships in Vienna, we are still looking for a couple more press corps members from around the world, so go on and fill out the form, too!

if you have questions, please email and I'll do my best to answer them,

#quizbowl #historybowl #geographybee #historybee #sciencebee @livi_qb @lsgh.history @bhs.quizbowl @hunterhistorybowl1822 @gnnhistoryclub @iaquizbowl @thehistorybowlers @agquizbowl @lbhistoryclub @kai.schaefer.34 @shshistoryteam @bisvquizbowl
A double quailifer submitted by Hemisha Patel of her child Dhruv! This kid is looking ready to go in our National Science Bee and National Geography Bees in Orlando! Good luck Dhruv! #sciencebee #geographybee #quizbowl #roadtonationals
Parent submission of Faustino from @lauramachargo from the Tampa Bay tournament!
Look at that bright smile! He is ready for competition in Florida! #geographybee #roadtonationals #mesnationals
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