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The moment of victory for Alice Deal Middle School and Malcolm McIntyre! History bowl middle school champion!
#mesnats #historybowl #quizbowl
History bowl finals are about to begin!!!
#quizbowl #historybowl #mesnats
Holy Cow!!! We've hit 1100 followers at this tournament! 
You all have been so amazing and enthusiastic with your photos, tagging us in posts and visiting us at the help desk and merchandise desk and selfie station! We loved seeing you all!

Any photos that were sent in and not used will be put into an awesome compilation video on youtube in the coming week, so stay tuned for more, and keep submitting your photos for that video and for posting to
Your kids are all so amazing, and we are all so proud of each and every one of them!

-The IAC Team
Story time! 
This kid, Clyde Miller from Patton MS Oregon, has been with IAC for Three seasons now. He was at one of my first in person tournaments in Portland in 2022, and was a rising star then. Now, he has medals and plaques to show how much he has grown as a player.
This TD is so proud of him, and hopes he continues to kick butt in high school and the VJV division!
@pedsrn22 #mesnats #historybee #quizbowl
Parent submission! "Hello, 

We'd like to give a shout out to a very kind proctor(s) who went out of their way to make participants comfortable and this lady is one of our facvorites. There was another couple husband and wife team who said they were originally from Chicago suburbs. Thank you for your kindness and everyone who were silently rooting for the Girls in Science ! Go Girl Power !

Thank you and best regards, 
Vinita Hulyalkar"
Our buddy Max here got the prize for the answer to the Trivia question today! Did you know it was Walt Whitman?
Yakshit Bagad took some serious hardware this Championships!! Well done my friend! 
_Note from the help desk, he's also a super sweet kid!

New Jersey represent! In the Open division of Political Science bee, these three dads from New Jersey, longtime friends Mark Cunningham, Kenneth Silber and Rob Chong, swept the medals! Ken also took some awards for other exams, and their team at Family Quiz Night won the 8th grade division!
#mesnats #quizbowl #roadtonationals #friendsbecomefamily
ALL GIRL TEAMS! And a female reader! Dawson from Nevada, and Wayzata Central!
MISSING!!! Please help bring our chicken friend home to roost!

One of our trophies from the selfie station has been egg-sconded! Without him, his goat and horse friends are lonely. 
If you can return it to the Merch desk, no questions will be asked. A small reward will be given for its return.
-Margaret the Merch Maven 
Patiently waiting for his bowl round assignment to begin! This shot of David May from Long Island School of the Gifted just made me smile.
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