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This week's team Thursday Spotlight is from our European division with École Jeannine Manuel!

This school has a record 14 teams who played in the 27th January tournament at their school, and did their coaches proud! @awalkerp15 sent in these two photos, the top being the senior group and the bottom the junior group!

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ATTENTION! EMS Registration deadlines for the following tournaments is coming up on 2/26!

BLUE SET Tournaments with this deadline are:
Central Missouri Regionals
Metro Chicago Winter Regionals

WHITE SET Tournaments with this deadline are:
Charlotte Metro Regionals
Baltimore Regionals

RED SET Tournaments with this deadline are:
Birmingham Regional Finals
Wyoming Regional Finals

To register for a tournament, visit to find a site near you!

Study guides are available on our resources page for all three colour question sets!

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For Trivia Tuesday, we are pulling from the Blue Set History in the US!

Did you know...The Alabama city of Montgomery was the site of landmark Civil Rights moments, such as Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her bus seat. 

the 4th of February was Rosa Parks Day, and Black History Month is celebrated in the month of February. For more information about Black History month, check out

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Today's Trivia from the Toksvig Almanac is from Argentina

On Today’s date in 1953, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was born. An Argentine lawyer and politician, Cristina was the first female elected president of Argentina between 2007 and 2015. In July 2010, she signed legislation that legalized same sex marriage in Argentina, making it the first country in Latin America to do so.

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Fans of our team member @seanb507 should check out his new book! Just off the press and can be found on Amazon!
Well done, Sean! We are so proud of you!
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Student Spotlight Sunday is Back for the season!

Now that we are in full swing of the season, we are going to highlight some superstars from the tournaments! Whether it be long term players, players who shone at tournaments for the first time, or great examples of good sportsmanship, we want to highlight those awesome kids!

First up, Aniroodhan Rengaa from Wester Middle School, Texas. This 8th grader became a Trifecta winner at our recent Oklahoma City tournament for EMS, and his dad sent me some highlights as to his achievements:
Aniroodhan has been participating in IAC from 3rd grade .
He has won multiple medals in regional championships in all 6 years.
And placed in top 3 in Nationals in many of those years."

Just look at that cabinet of awards behind him! Well earned, Aniroodhan! We cannot wait to see you keep it up at Nationals!

#sundayspotlight #superstarstudents #quizbowl #historybee #geographybee #sciencebee
Friends and Family Friday is growing!

This week, we're featuring the Rengaa family from Texas, who had not one, not two, but THREE kids play in the Oklahoma City Regional finals! 

8th grader Aniroodhan and his siblings Aaradhya and Atharva, both third graders, all competed in science and qualified for Nationals and Internationals. Aniroodhan also holds the distinction of winning gold in all three subjects (History, Geography and Science), making him a rare trifecta winner!

Well done to a very bright family! We cannot wait to see you all at Nationals in Orlando!

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Team Thursday is back, everyone!

Now that the season is in full swing, we're bringing back Team Thursday! Each week we will highlight a team brought to our attention at tournaments whose enthusiasm and good sportsmanship make them an excellent group to highlight!

First up, from the recent EMS Oklahoma City Regionals, the Academic Team from Byrg Elementary! Led by coach Emily Denney, ALL of their players qualified individually for the National Championships in Orlando! Most of them also qualified for the respective International competitions in the various subjects and plan on going to Puerto Rico for IESO and London for IHO when they can! They even have a superstar player who will be highlighted in a future post...Stay Tuned!

If you have a team you want highlighted who plays in our competitions, please reach out on social media to get your team some recognition for their awesomeness!

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Today's Trivia is all about the Mother of Women's Suffrage!

On Today’s date in 1911, Emma Smith DeVoe founded the National Council of Women Voters. DeVoe was an American Suffragist known as the “Mother of Women’s Suffrage”. Thanks to her work, the state of Idaho (pulled this one for you, @gradynoble77 !) granted voting rights to women in 1896, while it took until 1920 for women to be able to vote in all states.

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A surprise Staffer Spotlight midweek!

Scott Blish, one of our question writing team, recently sat down with to talk about all things quizbowl, from his history as a player, to his time playing as an adult, and what he does now. 

Also, congrats to Scott and his family on their recent adoption of their youngest son! 
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Trivia Tuesday pulls from the Science White set!

In caves, dripping water deposits calcium salts, which either form into mounds called stalagmites or stalactites.

Memory trick!
Stalactites have a “T” for Top
Stalagmites have a “G” for Ground!

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