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This shot from one of our Press Corps @theraghavsampath really shows the end of the day! As the sun sets on Day Two of competitions, we pause to reflect on the amazing game play of all these competitors, and the fact that International Geography Bee Championships (the big solo event!) is tomorrow morning at 8:30am! #geochampionships #adventuresinvienna
East Asia bee is wrapping up! The results are awesome, cannot wait to announce them online!
#eastasianbee #champions #internationalgeographychampionships
From the field trip to the UN! 🇺🇳 these kids got to see so many amazing things, including a Nobel Prize!
Great field trips are happening all afternoon!
Another awesome parent submission from Last Night's Scramble at the Prater! Look at these Elementary Winners! Ria Chatterjee from California took gold, with an excellent come from behind victory after prelims! With Yakshit Bagad and Avery Mitchell rounding out the top three, these young scholars are showing that while they may be among the youngest, but they are mighty fierce! #internationalgeographychampionships #scramble #adventuresinvienna
Your lunchtime laugh for IGC today comes from Press Corps DeWitt Silber. He and his dad Ken are doing the scavenger hunt and turns out both are Black Belts! Instead of fake sparring, they did the real thing!
#scavengerhunt #lunchtimelaugh #internationalgeographychampionships
Knockouts have begun! These kids have so much fun playing a game based on the show Jeder Gegen Jeden (Each against Everyone) out of Germany. Even the readers have a good time!
#knockouts #internationalgeographychampionships #adventuresinvienna
The scavenger hunt posts just keep coming! These shots from Pam Posse and Brandi Paul about their kiddos’ adventures yesterday were so fun, how could I not share this?
More photos from the middle school scramble finals at the prater from press corps member DeWitt Silber! These kids are got to experience playing high off the ground in cars that were featured in the movie The Third Man. How incredible is that?
#scramblefinals #presscorps #internationalgeographychampionships
More shots from the Scramble finals at The Prater, including our high school medalists! Looks like Adam is continuing his medal run after his gold from the Hungarian Geography Exam from yesterday, but John is working on catching up! This high school division is impressive in both their skill level and friendships with each other!
And those middle schoolers had a blast playing in one of the old wooden cars!
#scramblefinals #internationalgeographychampionships
Fresh from The Prater!!!
Scramble Finals!
Highlights from the scavenger hunt for International Geography Championships!!!
This little one is ready for the family events! Family Scavenger Hunt has begun and staff are stationed all around the city at various check points to help with the logging of exams and photos taken! This is a great way to explore the First district of Vienna!
#scavengerhunt #internationalgeographychampionships
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