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International Academic Competitions is pleased to announce the 2024 Georgia State Championships, taking place at Innovation Academy in Alpharetta, GA on February 17th, 2024!  This tournament will run on our A Set of questions, and like all IAC Varsity and Junior Varsity events, is open to all students, regardless of what state they are from, as long as they have not yet played this set of questions in the 2023-2024 academic year. 

To register, please fill out the form below.  Preregistration closes on Friday, February 9th at 11:59 pm EST.  Teams and individuals can still register with a late fee until Monday, February 12th, after which Bowl registrations are no longer guaranteed. After February 12th, contact hs-info@iacompetitions.com to see if registration is still possible.  Late registration fees and policies can be found hereFor further information, please email the Tournament Coordinator, Sara DelVillano at sara@iacompetitions.com . Thanks, and we look forward to welcoming you to Alpharetta in February!

Exams: During the lunch break, we will offer the National Qualifying Exams for the US Geography Championships / National Geography Bee (one exam serves to qualify students for the National Championships of both competitions), the US History Bee, the National Political Science Bee, and the National Science Bee. All exams cost $15 each. Students can also qualify for the International Geography Championships (Vienna, Austria – July 13-20, 2024) and the International Environmental Science Olympiad (Puerto Rico – Dec. 27-31, 2024) through the Geography and Science National Qualifying Exams.

Note for middle/elementary students: Middle and elementary school teams are welcome to participate at this tournament in the History Bowl. If there are at least four middle/elementary school teams that take part, a separate middle school division of the bowl will be set up.  Otherwise, middle/elementary school teams will be entered in the JV division.

During the History Bee rounds, middle school students are welcome to participate in the Junior Varsity Division of the History Bee, and if they qualify, would qualify for the Varsity/JV National Championships, not the Elementary/Middle School National Championships. There is no separate division of the National History Bee at this tournament for middle/elementary school students; those students interested in competing in the National History Bee at their grade level should email ems-info@iacompetitions.com.

Schedule:  The schedule as listed below is considered tentative, and therefore may still be subject to slight changes based on turnout until registration closes, at which point it will be confirmed. Students and teams looking for further guidance on the schedule should contact the Tournament Coordinator at sara@iacompetitions.com.

8:00 Doors Open, Check-In Begins
8:30 Please Arrive By This Time!
8:40 Opening Meeting
9:00 History Bowl Round 1
9:30 History Bowl Round 2
10:00 History Bowl Round 3
10:30 History Bowl Round 4
11:00 History Bowl Round 5
11:30 Lunch / National Qualifying Exams for National Geography Bee / US Geography Championships, US History Bee, National Political Science Bee, and National Science Bee
1:00 History Bee Opening Meeting
1:15  History Bee Round 1
1:45 History Bee Round 2
2:15 History Bee Round 3
3:00 History Bowl Varsity Quarterfinals/ JV Semifinals
3:30 History Bowl Varsity Semifinals/ JV Finals
4:00 History Bowl Varsity Finals
4:30 History Bee Finals
5:00 End

Teams Attending


  1. Innovation A
  2. Innovation B
  3. Commerce
  4. Chattahoochee A
  5. Woodward A
  6. Starr’s Mill A
  7. Starr’s Mill B
  8. Paul Duke STEM
  9. George Walton A
  10. Lambert
  11. CSAS
  12. Johns Creek


  1. Innovation C *
  2. Northview *
  3. Chattahoochee B *
  4. Atlanta Classical *
  5. Woodward B *
  6. George Walton B *
  7. George Walton C *
  8. Fulton Science *