Welcome to our page going over some important information that pertains to our Online Regional Finals! It is important to remember that our online tournaments take place over two days (Saturday and Sunday). The general schedule for online events is shown below, additionally our online events have a rotating event schedule, please look carefully at the event registration page to see the schedule. Please reach out to ems-info@iacompetitions.com with any further questions

Online Regional Finals Schedule (All Times are Eastern)
Schedules are subject to change
Day 1
10:00am – 1:00pm (Bee Event 1)
3:00pm – 6:00pm (Bee Event 2)
Day 2
2:00pm – 5:00pm (Bee Event 3)
  • Can I use a school computer and school email?
    • We strongly recommend that students do NOT use school provided computers and that they NOT be logged into their school email. School devices and email accounts often have safety features that will prevent students from accessing files or video from outside the school system. IAC staff have no control over this and students will not be able to access the competition if there is a school system block.
  • What does my student need to compete?
    • Students will need a computer with internet access and a video camera to sign into Google Meet (for audio and video)
    • Students will need to access COBA
    • Students will need to be able to access both Google Meet and COBA at the same time. This will ensure that they are able to both hear the questions and buzz to give their answers
    • Students will need to keep video and audio on at all times during each round. If needed, students can use two devices, for example, a computer could be used for the online buzzer while using a phone for the video.
  • Reviewing the Rules
    • There will be 30 questions per round
    • The student who buzzes first and answers correctly gets the point.
    • Students may only buzz one time on each question.
    • If you receive 5 points in a round, you are finished for that round and will earn bonus points.
    • After buzzing, you have five seconds to begin your answer.
    • At the end of the question, the moderator will wait five seconds before calling time.
    • Three incorrect answers by players on any question ends the question.
    • If you are the third player to buzz, answer incorrectly, AND buzz before the end of the question, then you lose one point.
  • Spectators
    • While students are permitted to have spectators attend, parents / teachers / other spectators are expected to remain silent with microphones and cameras off throughout the competition. If you have any further questions regarding spectators, please ask in advance of the event.