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Registration is now CLOSED
Once registration closes there will be a Late Registration (Waitlist) Process – For all tournaments there is a $10 surcharge per bee subject for registering after the deadline. After the deadline has past, we fix the field cap and lock registrations – thus we are unable to guarantee a spot in the competition. If you wish to register late, please fill out the below Google Form and if more positions are available – a staff member will follow up with instructions and a link to register and make payment.

When completing the Waitlist Form please ensure that you provide us with the Tournament Event Name, Date, Grade of your student, & which bee events you would like to register for. If you do not provide us with all of the information we will not be able to honor your request as you have not provided all of the necessary information needed/requested.

2022-2023 Regional Finals Waitlist 

Schedule of Events (subject to change)

Arrival Deadlines: History Bee – 8:00am; Geography Bee – 10:15am; Science Bee – 2:15pm.

7:45am Doors Open, Check-in Begins

8:30am History Bee Opening Meeting

9:00am History Bee – Round 1

9:30am History Bee – Round 2

10:00am History Bee – Round 3

10:30am Geography Bee Check-in Begins (students competing in History Bee do not need to check in again)

10:45am History Bee Finalists and Nationals/IHO Qualifiers Announced

11:00am History Bee Finals & Awards // Geography Bee Opening Meeting (students competing in both History and Geography Bees do not need to attend this meeting)

11:30am Geography Bee – Round 1

12:00pm Geography Bee – Round 2

12:30pm Geography Bee – Round 3

1:00pm Geography Bee Finalists and Nationals/IGC Qualifiers Announced

1:15pm Geography Bee Finals and Awards

1:45pm – 2:45pm Lunch

2:00pm Science Bee Check In (students competing in History and/or Geography Bees do not need to check in again)

2:30pm Science Bee Opening Meeting (students competing in History or Geography Bee do not need to attend this meeting)

3:00pm Science Bee Round 1

3:30pm Science Bee Round 2

4:00pm Science Bee Round 3

4:45pm Science Bee Finalists and Nationals Qualifiers Announced

5:00pm Science Bee Finals and Awards

5:30pm End