Hi RHS students! Thanks for your interest in competing in the 2024 New Jersey History Bowl! When you are ready to register your team, please fill out the registration form here. There is no cost for RHS students to compete. Please note the schedule of the tournament, and that if you are going to participate, you need to commit to being at RHS by 8:15am, and staying through the end of History Bowl Round 5.

Remember that teams are limited to 6 students, and that up to 4 play at any one time. Teams of 2 or 3 students are permitted too. If everyone on the team is in 10th grade or younger, the team is considered a Junior Varsity team, and will only play other teams just like their own. If you are looking for a sample round of questions to know what to expect, please download the National History Bowl – Varsity & JV Sample Packet.

During the middle part of the day, students who are interested can participate in the three preliminary rounds of the individual New Jersey History Bee. You can view the National History Bee – Varsity & JV Sample Packet if you are interested in seeing what a History Bee round looks like.¬†You can indicate your interest in the History Bee on the form, but you don’t have to decide whether to do it or not until the morning of the tournament.

If you have any questions, please email David Madden, Tournament Director (and RHS Class of 1999), at david@iacompetitions.com. Thanks and good luck!