IAC Nationals isn’t just for competing students! We want to give everyone a chance to get on the buzzer and are thus pleased to offer three extra divisions of competition in an Academic Bee style setting: one each for Parents, Teachers, and Siblings. Each of these will feature 3 rounds with 30 questions each, using the same rules that IAC uses for the National History, Geography, and Science Bees for competing students. The top competitors will then advance to a final round to determine the champions with medals of their own! The preliminary rounds will be held during the US Geography Championships (which, as an exam event, is not open to spectators anyway) from 5:30-7:30pm on Friday, May 24. The final round will then be held from 8:30-9pm on Sunday, May 26. The cost is $35 per person. Please note the following eligibility guidelines:

1. IAC Parents Bee: Open to any adult family member in an older generation than the member of their family competing at Nationals. This includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins once removed, etc. Family friends are welcome to attend as well.

2. IAC Siblings Bee: Open to any family member in the same generation of a competing student at Nationals who is in high school or younger. This includes cousins.  However, this competition is NOT open to any student who is competing in the National History Bee, National Science Bee, National Geography Bee, National History Bowl, or National Geography Bowl. That caveat aside, friends of students who are in high school in 2023-24 or younger who are attending Nationals are welcome to compete as well. There will be separate age divisions for this competition; age cut offs for these will depend on enrollment numbers.

3. IAC Teachers Bee: Open to any teacher or administrator at any school with at least one student from their school competing in the National History Bee, National Geography Bee, or National History Bowl at Nationals.