IAC is delighted to announce its first Family Quiz Night at Nationals! This will run from 8:15 until about 9:30pm on Friday evening, May 24, and is open to all families at Nationals. Each family must compete on its own, though there is otherwise no limit to team size. The Family Quiz will feature 100 questions on all aspects of general knowledge, and questions will be designed to appeal to parents and grandparents as well as children. The Family Quiz will begin with a 28 question picture round. Here’s a sample picture round and its answer key – see how your family does! We’ll then feature 9 rounds with 8 questions each on different academic and general knowledge topics. Here’s a sample round on sports and another on food and cuisine – answers are at the bottom of each file. After three rounds are done, we’ll have a break, and you’ll trade answer sheets with a team from a neighboring family. We’ll reveal the answers, you’ll mark your neighbors’ paper and they’ll mark yours. We’ll do this as well for the Picture Round, and then at the end of the evening, you’ll know your family’s total score. We expect we will need quite a few rooms to hold the quiz, so it will likely be an hour or so before the final results then are posted here on this page. The winners will receive prizes from the IAC Store. Good luck to young and young at heart!