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Registration is now CLOSED
Once registration closes there will be a Late Registration (Waitlist) Process – For all tournaments there is a $10 surcharge per bee subject for registering after the deadline. After the deadline has past, we fix the field cap and lock registrations – thus we are unable to guarantee a spot in the competition. If you wish to register late, please fill out the below Google Form and if more positions are available – a staff member will follow up with instructions and a link to register and make payment.
2022-2023 Regional Finals Waitlist

Schedule of Events (subject to change)

Arrival Deadlines: History Bee – 8:00am; Geography Bee – 10:15am; Science Bee – 2:15pm.

7:45am Doors Open, Check-in Begins

8:30am History Bee Opening Meeting

9:00am History Bee – Round 1

9:30am History Bee – Round 2

10:00am History Bee – Round 3

10:30am Geography Bee Check-in Begins (students competing in History Bee do not need to check in again)

10:45am History Bee Finalists and Nationals/IHO Qualifiers Announced

11:00am History Bee Finals & Awards // Geography Bee Opening Meeting (students competing in both History and Geography Bees do not need to attend this meeting)

11:30am Geography Bee – Round 1

12:00pm Geography Bee – Round 2

12:30pm Geography Bee – Round 3

1:00pm Geography Bee Finalists and Nationals/IGC Qualifiers Announced

1:15pm Geography Bee Finals and Awards

1:45pm – 2:45pm Lunch

2:00pm Science Bee Check In (students competing in History and/or Geography Bees do not need to check in again)

2:30pm Science Bee Opening Meeting (students competing in History or Geography Bee do not need to attend this meeting)

3:00pm Science Bee Round 1

3:30pm Science Bee Round 2

4:00pm Science Bee Round 3

4:45pm Science Bee Finalists and Nationals Qualifiers Announced

5:00pm Science Bee Finals and Awards

5:30pm End