Bee competitions are buzzer based events for individual students which utilize pyramidal style questions.


  • Varsity/Junior Varsity Competitions
    • Varsity – 11th or 12th grade (no older than 19 years old)
    • Junior Varsity – 10th grade and under
      • Students in 8th grade and under are welcome to participate in the JV Division, which will qualify them for the Varsity/Junior Varsity National Championships but NOT the Elementary/Middle School Championships
  • Elementary and Middle School Competitions
    • Middle School
      • 8th grade
      • 7th grade
    • Elementary School
      • 6th grade
      • 5th grade
      • 4th grade and under
  • Note: Home school students can participate according to this guide


  • Rounds
    • 3 preliminary rounds
    • 1 final round
  • Scoring
    • 1 point per correct answer
    • 0 points per incorrect answer UNLESS
    • -1 point if 3rd incorrect answer and moderator has not finished reading the question
  • Preliminary Round Scoring
    • Varsity/Junior Varsity rounds play to 8 correct answers per student or a total of 35 questions
    • Elementary/Middle School rounds play to 5 correct answers per student or a total of 30 questions
    • When a student reaches the maximum correct answers for their division they go out for the round and receive bonus points
    • Bonus points are award to those players that reach the maximum correct answers per round depending on the question number they go out on
  • Final Round
    • Two to Ten students advance to finals depending on the size of the field
    • Finals scoring works the same as the Preliminary rounds
    • No bonus points are awarded during finals
    • The Finals are completed when EITHER three students have gone out or all of the questions have been read.
    • The three highest scoring students will receive medals

Click below to learn how to qualify for our National and International Championship events.