(UPDATE: March 14 – Quechee, VT)
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak having suspended IAC tournaments through July 2020, IAC is switching the monthly picture quiz to a weekly quiz for the foreseeable future. This will give all members of the academic competition community an additional chance to compete online from the safety of their own homes. We will continue to send out small prizes to winners, but these may be delayed for some time.

Here’s the next quiz!
Please see the rules below before taking the quiz.
(Note especially that the quiz is done on the honor system, it must be completed in one sitting, and the quiz is scored on the usual IAC basis of 2 points for a correct answer, 0 points for a question left blank, and -1 for an incorrect response).

March 31 – IAC Picture Quiz Answers due by 11:59pm EDT on Monday, April 6.


Congratulations to our March 24 Picture Quiz Winners! (quiz authored by Sean Briody)
Open (7 players) – Richard Rosenthal, Tennessee – 30
IAC Adult (14 players) – Jonathan Matte, Connecticut – 33
Varsity (19 players) – Maxwell Sewell, Signal Mountain, TN – 35 (Overall Champion)
JV – (24 players) – Paul Ratkovich, Sewickley, PA – 31
Middle School (26 players) – Lucas Ratkovich, Sewickley, PA – 26
Elementary (8 players) – Evan Ting, Indiana – 23
IAC Full Time Staff (3 players) – David Madden, Burlington, VT – 27

Full Results – March 24, 2020

Links to Past Quizzes, Answer Keys, and Past Results


(Feb. 11, 2020 – Burlington, VT)
International Academic Competitions is pleased to offer a new free Picture Quiz to members of the global academic competition community! The quiz is meant to be an enjoyable mix of general knowledge and academic knowledge; it is not meant to adhere to any particular canon and will vary somewhat from month to month on the topics it covers.

Please note the following guidelines; the quiz itself can be accessed through the downloadable PDF file at the bottom of the page.

1. The quiz is offered on the honor system! You must take it (i.e. download the file, complete your answers, and send your answers back in the Google form) in one sitting. No outside resources (books, other websites, googling, other people’s brains…) are permitted, and the quiz can only be done by one individual (no teams, pairs, etc.). There is a 30 minute time limit; you should need less than that though.

2. The quiz is scored on the usual IAC basis of 2 points for a correct answer, 0 points for a question left blank, and -1 for an incorrect response. Thus educated guesses are rewarded, but not wild guesses.

3. For people, last names suffice unless we specifically ask for a first name. For years, a full year is required (including century). For cities, countries and states are not needed unless specified. Otherwise, there is no partial credit, thus if a correct response requires two words and you only know one, you should leave it blank.

4. If you add any information that makes your answer incorrect (e.g. Minneapolis, Arizona), your answer is entirely wrong.

5. In terms of spelling, we will be lenient as long as your answer is phonetically plausible (at IAC’s discretion).

6. The deadline to submit answers is 6am New York City (i.e. Eastern US) time on the first day of the following month. Only scores in the top 50% will be posted online; other scores will not be released, but can be determined once the answer key is posted after the deadline.

7. Scores will be kept for 7 Divisions as follows:

Varsity: Students in their final two years of secondary schooling (i.e. current 11th & 12th graders in the USA)
Junior Varsity: Students with 2 or 3 years of school remaining after the current academic year (i.e. 9th & 10th graders in the USA)
Middle School: Students with 4 or 5 years of school remaining after the current academic year (i.e. 7th & 8th graders in the USA)
Elementary: Students with 6+ years of school remaining after the current academic year (i.e. 6th grade and younger in the USA)
IAC Adults: Anyone who is the current coach or parent of students competing in IAC-run competitions in the 2019-2020 academic year, or any adult who has staffed at any IAC competition since January 2019.
IAC Full Time Staff: Includes the following people: Tyler Vaughan, Brad Fischer, Marshall Mullins, David Madden, Nolwenn Madden, Sean Briody, Arthur Ramsay, Emilio Ergueta, Suopeng Gao
Open: Anyone who is not in any of the above categories

8. For each month, one prize will be awarded and sent by mail to the top finisher in each division. If a score ties for the top, then each of the top scorers will have their names put in a hat, and one prize will be drawn for each division. You cannot win more than one prize in a given calendar year, so if you have already received one, we will select from those you are tied with, or go to the next highest score.

9. Please use this Google form to submit your answers.

10. Here’s the quiz. Good luck!

March 17 – IAC Picture Quiz