Exams at Middle & Elementary School Nationals

International Academic Competitions is pleased to announce a new addition to its annual Middle School and Elementary School National Championships – the IAC National Championship Exams. Eight different exams will be offered on various fields of history and science as explained below. Please also note that while there is no separate Middle School Division for the National Chemistry and Physics Exams, ambitious Middle School and Elementary School students are still welcome to compete in Junior Varsity Division of these (though the questions will be meant for a challenging high school level of difficulty).

A complete schedule of exams (listed at the bottom) and all other events at the 2020 IAC National Championships can be found here. Past exams can be found here.

Each exam will consist of 75 multiple choice questions with each correct answer worth 2 points, an incorrect response worth -1 point, and an answer left blank worth 0 points. The time limit will be 30 minutes for each exam. Ties will be broken through 3 tiebreaker questions with numerical answers. Each exam costs $15 and students will be ranked against other students in their age division (Middle School & Elementary).

Latin American History Exam

National Latin American History Exam

This exam will cover the history of Latin America, including all Caribbean islands, the Bahamas, and Bermuda, from the pre-colonial period to the present day. Questions will cover political, military, cultural, and diplomatic history. A portion of this exam (approximately 20%) will also cover the experience of Latinos and Latinas in the history of the USA.

Military History Exam

National Military History Exam

This exam will cover all facets of military history from ancient civilizations to the present-day. In addition to battles and wars, questions will also cover military technology, strategy and tactics, and how military outcomes shaped the contours of history. US military history will be covered by approximately 30% of the questions.

Asian History Exam

National Asian History Exam

This exam will cover the full sweep of Asian history from the dawn of history in the Middle East, South Asia, and East Asia to the present-day. Approximately 25% of the exam will cover the history of China and approximately 25% of the exam will cover the history of India. Central Asia, Southeast Asia (including Indonesia), and the Middle East (including the Arabian Peninsula) will be treated as well.

Historical Geography Exam

National Historical Geography Exam

This exam will cover the impact of geography on historical events, and examine questions of population movements, shifts in national and imperial borders, the spread of languages and religions, exploration and trade patterns, military campaigns, and more. Students can also view the questions on this page from the International History Olympiad as an additional study resource. Note that this Exam is neither part of the US Geography Championships nor the International Geography Bee. Unlike those events, this Exam does not require qualification, and is open to all students.

National Black American History Exam

This exam will cover all aspects of Black American history from the colonial period to the present day. Those taking this exam should study famous Black Americans and related historical events from the fields of politics, business, sports and entertainment, science, the Civil Rights Movement, abolitionism, literature, the arts, and more.

Women's History Exam

National Women’s History Exam

This exam will cover the history of women in the context of American history from the colonial period until the present day. Questions will focus on famous women and their contributions to American society, the women’s suffrage and women’s liberation movements, and questions of cultural and economic history.


National Ecology & Environmental Science Exam

This exam will cover all aspects of ecology and environmental science at a level accessible for middle school and elementary school students. Topics covered will include ecosystems, conservation biology, global warming and climate change, food webs, biogeochemistry, environmental degradation, biogeography, biodiversity, and human ecology.


National Biology Exam

This exam will cover all aspects of a standard middle school-level biology curriculum. Topics covered will include molecular and cellular biology, ecology, anatomy, taxonomy, evolution, genetics, zoology, botany, bacteria and viruses, and more.