History Subject Editor – Offering an opportunity for flexible, remote work on question sets and the chance to work on an international team that is providing a fun, educational opportunity for students around the world.


The Opportunity

International Academic Competitions is an educational company with global reach. Be a part of the team that is responsible for producing thousands of questions a year to be played by some 100,000 students worldwide! Utilize your editing skills as you prepare and perfect sets for this year’s competitions.


The Position

International Academic Competitions is looking for a History Subject Editor who can help edit and create sets.  All work will be done remotely for a trial period between 10/19/20-1/1/2020 with the possibility of a contract extension after December. Hours can be arranged flexibly according to the schedule of the editor, but should be, on average, 10 a week. This position is open to anyone who has graduated high school. Experience as a question writer is required, and experience as an editor is preferred.

International Academic Competitions is prepared to offer a minimum of $18 an hour to the editor, with the potential for more if significant experience and/or skill is demonstrated either through the application process or by work performance.


Required Skills

  1. Ability to edit questions from all areas of history for both grammar and content
  2. Understanding of how to logically group questions and build them into sets
  3. Underlying sense of question clue placement and answer difficulty
  4. Excellent grasp of the grammatical rules of the English language
  5. Prior experience in writing quiz bowl questions
  6. (preferred) Prior experience in quiz bowl editing


How to Apply

Please email a full application to our Manager of Question Production, Emilio Ergueta at emilio@iacomeptitions.com.  A full application should include a 150-word cover letter, a CV and one or more references.  It should also include an edited copy of the “Unedited Questions Document” stating clearly how long it took to edit each one.  Applications are due on Wednesday, October 12th at midnight.  Interviews for top candidates will be conducted from the 13th-17th and a final decision will be reached on the 18th, October.