IAC is no longer accepting applications for the Summer 2020 Intern Cohort. More information will be available in late August for future opportunities.

International Academic Competitions is excited to announce new paid internship opportunities for students who are seeking further engagement in the academic competition community! 

This fully-remote paid internship program is open to students who have already completed the tenth grade and will last six weeks from mid-July through late August. Compensation will be in the form of a stipend of $655 based on a 15 hour per week schedule. This will be prorated accordingly for longer/shorter internships. IAC is also happy to work with schools that provide academic credit for internships at the applicant’s request.

All interns will participate in the following core program:

  1. Archive Content Management: Help us organize previously-used question sets, which also allows you to study the materials in the process.
  2. Writing and Content-Generation Experience: Delve into the world of question writing for various competition types. Receive advice and feedback from experienced IAC staff on your questions. This does not need to involve writing tossup questions, though that can be a component of this for those who are interested.
  3. Outreach and Player Expansion: Help grow the world of academic competitions either in your local area or far overseas. This will primarily involve database and spreadsheet work, though there may be additional components extending beyond that.
  4. Input on IAC Projects: Give unique insight into future IAC projects geared towards students your own age.

Beyond the core program, we also want our interns to pursue their own interests! Here is a partial list of potential areas where we think you might be able to make an impact

  1. Videography: Preparing and editing training videos for schools/readers/students new to academic competitions.
  2. Creating Study Guides: Figure out what helps you study, and help build a study guide for others to mirror your success.
  3. Social Media and Communications: Learn how we communicate with our participants and how they #communicate-with-us!
  4. Other Projects: We’re also open to considering other projects you propose that fit your skill set.

All interns should expect to leave the internship with the following skills:

  1. Confidence in future application processes, job interviews, and professional environments.
  2. A deeper understanding of the inner workings of a large academic competition organization.
  3. Direct engagement with study materials via the question tagging project and content generation.
  4. Transferable skills in databases, communications, and writing experience.
  5. A letter of recommendation that can be included in future applications.
  6. The potential to take on further roles within IAC upon the conclusion of the internship.

How to Apply

We are not currently accepting new applications. Information on the application process will be available when the program re-opens for future applicants.