International Academic Competitions regrets to inform students, families, teachers, and coaches that, after a long series of discussions with our contacts at Université Laval in Quebec City, we are going to need to move the International History Olympiad and International Geography Championship venues to sites in the USA for next summer’s competitions. The university, after having us initially told us that they were holding over 1000 beds in reserve for our group, said that due to Covid restrictions, they could not contract nearly that many, and that they would not be able to sign a contract promising an exact amount until well into 2022. Additionally, Quebec itself, even more so than the rest of Canada, has enacted very stringent Covid protocols that could likely remain in place through next summer, or be reimposed at any point. Needless to say, if that eventuality, or a full border closure were to happen, then it wouldn’t be possible to hold either event.

With that in mind, we are planning on moving both the International History Olympiad and International Geography Championships to the USA. Most likely, IGC will take place in Burlington, VT at one of the colleges or universities here in IAC’s hometown. Likewise, IGC will likely move to the week of July 3-10, or less likely, July 10-17. We are working already on securing arrangements and will let you all know once we have further details available.

For the International History Olympiad, we are exploring options in the Philadelphia – NYC corridor. Our optimal situation would be to keep the Olympiad during the week of July 25-August 1 as originally planned. For a venue, the ideal would be a combination of having the Olympiad based in Princeton (either using university dorms or nearby 3 and 4 star hotels, but using university facilities in any case for the competitions and other events) and taking advantage of the easy train connection to offer day trips to both New York City and Philadelphia. However, this all remains to be worked out, so please don’t consider this set in stone or make travel plans based on this.

In terms of prices, the cost of transportation within the Olympiad, as well as the food and housing, are certain to be more expensive than what these would have cost in Quebec (in part because the Canadian dollar is a weaker currency, in part because of the new scope of the event). Thus we anticipate there will be an approximate $300 rise in the price of each week to account for this. That having been said, particularly for the Olympiad, but also for IGC, we expect that the costs of traveling to Burlington and (most likely) Newark Airports will be significantly less for almost all attending students (for IGC students, all so far are from the USA and Burlington is a significantly less expensive destination for US airlines as it’s a domestic route). For foreign students and American students alike, Newark has hundreds of direct incoming flights a day, including from outside the USA and is on a direct train line to New York, Princeton, and Philadelphia. Thus we expect that, even with an increase in the price of the event, the overall costs of attending will decrease for most students. We will also be looking for corporate sponsors to help us offer financial aid for students to attend (if you have any connections who might be interested in helping us with this, please let us know). Finally, please note that aside from the inconveniences caused by Covid, we still consider Quebec City to be a great venue for both events, so it is likely, though not certain, that the subsequent Olympiad and Geography Championships after summer 2022 will indeed be held in Quebec City.

Thanks for your understanding, and we’ll be in touch with further details soon.

-International Academic Competitions,
Burlington, VT Sep. 25, 2021