International Academic Competitions is making an unprecedented effort to reach out to middle school, elementary school, and homeschool teachers, administrators, and parents now that we are planning on once again holding in-person tournaments in the 2021-2022 academic year! We’re eager to connect with you, and any friends, teachers, or administrators you know who might be interested in signing up their students for the National History Bee, National Science Bee, and International Geography Bee. Even if you don’t live in one of the designated areas listed below, please contact Lead Outreach Coordinator David Madden at in case you are interested in person or on a Zoom call to learn more about our programs. Our coordinators are happy to travel throughout the USA to meet with you and your students, if you would like us to hold a practice buzzer quiz match or conduct a strategy session. Just let us know!

Scott Blish – Central and Western New York Outreach Coordinator –
Scott has been active in organizing academic competitions in Central and Western New York for over 10 years. He also assists with record keeping and conducting outreach efforts to secure tournament staff. Please reach out to him if you’d be interested in staffing (reading questions or logistics) tournaments in early 2022.

Kiersten Brown – Northern New York & Las Vegas Area Outreach Coordinator –
Kiersten Brown lives in a small town on the Canadian border and commutes via ferry across Lake Champlain to IAC’s headquarters in Burlington. In addition to reaching out to schools in Northern New York, she assists with securing the arrangements with host sites for tournaments and other IAC operations in the USA. She is also coordinating outreach efforts in and around Las Vegas, where she attended high school.

Enrico Contolini – Colorado Outreach Coordinator, Lead Geography Outreach Coordinator –
Enrico Contoliini is the Vice President of IAC’s Geography competitions in the USA. A native of Emilio-Romagna, Italy, he is based in the suburbs of Denver, and he will be focusing on outreach to schools with a focus on geography. In particular, he will be leading IAC’s outreach efforts to schools who formerly competed in the now-discontinued National Geographic Bee.

Audra Dankwardt – Massachusetts Outreach Coordinator –
Audra is a student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where she is completing a double major in psychology and legal studies in three years. She staffed the 2021 National Championships in Arlington, VA over Labor Day weekend, and is also assisting with outreach in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Noah Denker – New York City Outreach Coordinator –
Noah Denker is a graduate student in public health at Columbia University. A former National History Bee and Bowl player from Florida, he staffed numerous IAC events throughout his college years. In addition to outreach in New York City, he is also leading the effort to better organize IAC’s presence on social media.

Scott Fowler – Georgia Outreach Coordinator –
Scott Fowler is a social studies teacher at River Trail Middle School in Johns Creek, GA. He has coached the Quiz Bowl and National History Bee and Bowl teams at his school for many years, has staffed all three International History Olympiads, and has directed numerous IAC Regional Finals tournaments. Together with John Garner and Jake Weinstein he is working on IAC’s outreach efforts in Georgia.

John Garner – Lead Georgia Outreach Coordinator, Lead History Outreach Coordinator –
John Garner is a history teacher at Temple High School in Carroll County, GA. John is both the lead outreach coordinator in Georgia and for social studies nationwide. Since July 2021, he has traveled to Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nebraska, Virginia, and other states meeting with superintendents, principals, social studies teachers on behalf of IAC. John is also active within the Georgia Council for the Social Studies and is the current president of the National History Club.

Brina Ratangee – Tennessee Outreach Coordinator –
Brina is a first-year student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, where she coordinates outreach efforts in the Volunteer State. A former National History Bee player, she also represented her home state of Maryland at the 2018 International History Olympiad in Berlin. Brina completed an internship with IAC in the summer of 2020 during which she contributed greatly to the forthcoming National Science Bee study guide.

Lee Holden – South Carolina Outreach Coordinator –
Lee Holden is an Assistant Director of Question Production on IAC’s full-time staff. Currently based in Miami, Lee grew up in South Carolina where he attended Dorman High School in Spartanburg, SC and compiled a highly successful record including multiple SC State History Bowl Championships with his team. Lee has remained active in the academic competition community in South Carolina where he looks forward to assisting with Regional Finals tournaments as well.

David Madden – IAC Director of Outreach, Northern New England and Northern New Jersey Outreach Coordinator –
David Madden is the founder and Executive Director of IAC, where he is currently focusing on USA outreach efforts, planning for the 2022 International History Olympiad and International Geography Championships, and developing IAC’s forthcoming foreign language Olympiads. He credits his quiz bowl career at Ridgewood High School and Princeton University with providing him with the knowledge base to become a 19-day champion on Jeopardy! and co-champion of the Jeopardy! All Star Games.

Deborah Pettingill – Florida Outreach Coordinator –
Deborah Pettingill is the Director of US Operations for International Academic Competitions. Prior to moving to Burlington, Deborah taught at Largo High School for over 20 years where she won numerous accolades for teaching, coached the National History Bee & Bowl team, and was the conference coordinator for the Florida Council for the Social Studies. Deborah will be traveling to Florida several times this fall to meet with social studies teachers and plan for the 2022 Nationals in Orlando.

Connor Gleason – Hillsborough County, FL Outreach Coordinator –
Connor Gleason brings a unique perspective to IAC’s outreach efforts as he has been active as a National History Bee and Bowl player for Chaminade-Madonna High School in Hollywood, FL, an IAC staff member at the National Championships and International History Olympiad, and National History Bee and Bowl coach for Classical Prep in Spring Lake, FL. He is focusing his outreach efforts in Hillsborough County in and around Tampa.

Peter Schmidt – Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey Outreach Coordinator –
Peter Schmidt has been active with IAC’s competitions for years, as his son Alex compiled an unparalleled record of winning the National History Bee at the Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity levels. Since Alex’s graduation in 2019, Peter has become active as an IAC staff member at various events. Peter owns his own test-prep company and is based out of Allentown, PA.

Peter Torres – Broward County, FL Outreach Coordinator –
Peter Torres is an Assistant Director of Question Production on IAC’s full-time staff. Peter has been active as a player, tournament staffer, and question writer for years and has helped to develop academic competitions at the University of Florida. Peter will be focusing on outreach in South Florida, particularly Broward County.

Jay Wickliff – Virginia and Puerto Rico Outreach Coordinator –
Jay Wickliff is a former social studies teacher and National Champion National History Bowl coach for the team at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia. Upon retirement from his teaching position, Jay assumed the role of Director of Strategic Planning for IAC. Aside from outreach efforts in his home state of Virginia and in Puerto Rico, Jay is overseeing the Warsaw-based IAC Polska team which is debuting Polish language IAC competitions this year.