Geography Exam - G Set - Student Registration

Students will have 20 minutes to take the exam. The timer will begin once they press Submit at the bottom of this form. Please make sure they are ready to begin before they press the button! Correct answers will receive 2 points. Incorrect answers will lose 1 point. Unanswered questions will receive 0 points. You may also enter "No Answer" and receive 0 points. Good luck!
  • Please give the first and last name of the student taking the ORQE
  • Please enter the Sponsor Number of the student's sponsor for the ORQE. If you do not know this number, please ask your sponsor.
    Please enter a number from 1000 to 52000.
  • Please enter the full name of the student's school or home school group. If the student is home schooled and is not a member of a home school group, please enter "Home school." Please fill in this section even if the student is not officially representing their school.
  • Please enter the student's grade number 1 through 8. If the student has no official grade in school, please enter a 0.
    Please enter a number from 0 to 8.
  • Please enter the student's birth date. Note that this is a required entry for the Geography exam alone. Please contact us if this presents an issue.