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International Academic Competitions is pleased to announce the 2024 Maryland History & Academic Bowl will be held on Saturday, April 20th  at Burleigh Manor Middle School in Ellicott City, MD! Pre-registration closes on Friday, April 12th at 11:59 pm EDT.  Teams can still register with a late fee until 11:59pm EDT on Monday, April 15th, after which Bowl registrations are no longer guaranteed. After April 15th, contact ems-info@iacompetitions.com to see if registration is still possible.  Late registration fees and policies can be found here
To register for this tournament, please fill out the form below, but please read through the following before registering:

1. This tournament will use the Academic Bowl Regional Set for the Academic Bowl, and a modified version of the 2023-24 History Bowl C Set suitable for Middle and Elementary school play. This tournament is open to Middle and Elementary School students only who have not played both question sets. If a team has played the History Bowl C Set already, then they cannot attend this tournament, but are encouraged to compete at the online Academic Bowl on March 30.

2. It is required to participate in both the Academic Bowl and History Bowl – registering for just one or the other is not permitted.

3. For this particular tournament, teams are not required to bring readers. Please just disregard that portion of the registration form.

4. This tournament will feature two age divisions: Middle School (students in 8th grade and younger) and Intermediate (students in 6th grade and younger). At this tournament, all teams must consist of students from the same school or homeschool association.

5. Both events, History Bowl and Academic Bowl, are team events, but solo and two student teams are not only encouraged to play, but play for discounted rates.

6. There are also discounted rates for teams where all students on a team have registered for at least one Regional Finals of either the National History Bee, National Geography Bee, or National Science Bee. If you wish to take advantage of these rates, but don’t yet have all students registered for a tournament, first, make sure that all students have qualified through the Online Regional Qualifying Exams (sign up for a sponsor account at www.iac-exams.com to be able to give students the free ORQEs), and then register for the tournament(s) of your choice by clicking on the event you wish to attend here.

7. Up to 6 students can play together on a team, but only up to 4 players play at once. Unlimited substitutions are allowed during the quarter breaks and between rounds.

8. To qualify for Nationals in the History Bowl and Academic Bowl, teams must finish with at least a .500 winning percentage (i.e. go 3-2 or 2-2 if you have a bye), or be in the top 50% of teams in their age division. Teams of students entirely in 5th grade and younger only need to finish in either the top 50% of the full intermediate division (including teams with students in 6th grade), or among the top 50% of teams with all students in 5th grade or younger. Teams can also qualify for Nationals by having at least one student compete in the National History Bee National Championships (for the History Bowl) or at least one student in any of the National History Bee, National Geography Bee, or National Science Bee for the Academic Bowl.

9. The cost schedule is as follows:

Full team: $90
Two-student team: $75
Solo-student team: $60

Full team with all team members participating in at least one IAC Regional Finals: $60
Two-student team with both team members participating in at least one IAC Regional Finals: $50
Solo-student team with student participating in at least one IAC Regional Finals: $40

Schedule of Events

Doors Open – 8:15 AM
Please arrive by this time! – 8:40 AM
Opening Meeting 8:50 AM
Round 1 – History Bowl 9:15 AM
Round 2 – History Bowl 9:50 AM
Round 3 – History Bowl 10:25 AM
Small Break – 11:00 AM
Round 4 – History Bowl 11:20 AM
Round 5 – History Bowl 11:55 AM
Lunch / Finals – 12:35 PM
Round 1 – Academic Bowl 1:40 PM
Round 2 – Academic Bowl 2:15 PM
Round 3 – Academic Bowl 2:50 PM
Small Break – 3:25 PM
Round 4 – Academic Bowl 3:45 PM
Round 5 – Academic Bowl 4:20 PM
Finals – Academic Bowl 4:55 PM (all teams except those in the finals can depart at this time)
End – 5:30 PM

Teams Attending (* = Intermediate Division [i.e. all students in 6th grade or younger])

  1. Burleigh Manor Middle A
  2. Burleigh Manor Middle B
  3. Burleigh Manor Middle C
  4. Burleigh Manor Middle D
  5. Burleigh Manor Middle E
  6. Burleigh Manor Middle F *
  7. Burleigh Manor Middle G *
  8. Centennial Lane Elementary A *
  9. Centennial Lane Elementary B *
  10. Centennial Lane Elementary C *
  11. Centennial Lane Elementary D *
  12. Centennial Lane Elementary E *
  13. Centennial Lane Elementary F *
  14. Cooper Middle School A
  15. Cooper Middle School B
  16. James W. Robinson Secondary
  17. Clemens Crossing Elementary *
  18. Nysmith A
  19. Nysmith B *
  20. Nysmith C *
  21. Congressional School
  22. Mount View Middle School *
  23. Immaculate Conception School
  24. Washington Yu Ying *
  25. Katherine Johnson Middle School A
  26. Katherine Johnson Middle School B
  27. Chesterbrook Elementary School *
  28. Haycock Elementary School A *
  29. Haycock Elementary School B *
  30. Haycock Elementary School C *
  31. Notre Dame Preparatory School A
  32. Notre Dame Preparatory School B *
  33. Colvin Run Elementary School *
  34. Basis Independent McLean *