Welcome to the International Academic Competitions Australia and New Zealand homepage! IAC is a network of numerous academic competitions, all of which have been founded since 2010. IAC’s staff administers and oversees events in over 25 separate countries, and is deeply committed to the growth and development of academic competition. Please explore our website to learn more about our competition opportunities for you and your school. For further information on any of our competitions in Australia and New Zealand, please email our Executive Director, Mrs Nolwenn Madden at nolwenn@iacompetitions.com
Good luck with all of your competitions!

IAC Competitions for Students in Australia and New Zealand

IAC has been administering competitions in Australia and New Zealand since 2014. All of the following competitions are divided into 3 age divisions, which are divided as follows:

  • Varsity – Year 11 and 12 in Australia, Year 12 and 13 in New Zealand,
  • Junior Varsity – Year 9 and 10 in Australia , Year 10 and 11 in New Zealand,
  • Middle School – Year 8 and younger in Australia, Year 9 and younger in New Zealand

Note that for the History Bowl, a team may have younger students on it, but older students may not play on a team competing in a younger age division.


International History Bowl


The International History Bowl is a buzzer-based team history quiz competition that runs throughout Australia and New Zealand each year. Teams consist of up to 6 students, up to 4 of whom play together at any given time. Solo-student teams are also encouraged to compete and often do so.


International History Bee 


The International History Bee is a buzzer-based history quiz competition for individual students. All regional IHBB History Bowl tournaments also feature a History Bee component, held at different times so that students can compete in both the Bee and the Bowl.


International History Olympiad


The International History Olympiad is a week-long history extravaganza, held every two years – the next Olympiad will take place from July 25-August 1, 2022 in New York City and Princeton.  The Olympiad consists of numerous buzzer-based and other competitions, sightseeing, and special events with students from around the world. Students in Australia and New Zealand qualify for the Olympiad by finishing in the top half of students or teams in their age division at any regional or championship tournament in any year from 2018-2020. At the Olympiad, students compete in age divisions based solely on birthdates, even if they qualified in a different age division. At the Olympiad, students represent Australia or New Zealand (or the country of their citizenship if different, and if they choose to do so) instead of their schools.


International Geography Bee


The International Geography Bee is a worldwide geography quiz competition, consisting of the IGB Championships Qualifying Exam and the biennial week-long International Geography Championships. The next International Geography Championships will be held from July 3-10 in Burlington, Vermont, USA and Montreal, Canada.. Attending students who are qualified may also compete in the International History Olympiad; the two competitions are designed to allow for cross-participation.

The IGB Championships Qualifying Exam is given at each of regional tournaments for the International History Bee and Bowl in Australia and New Zealand, or students can take the Exam at their school or with a homeschool instructor proctoring it.