2021 Elementary School Bee National Championships

  • If you are a teacher filling out this form, we still need the email address of the student's parent.
  • This should be the student's school in the 2020-21 academic year. If the student is homeschooled in an association, list the name of the association. If the student is homeschooled with no affiliation in an association, just write “Homeschool”.
  • If a student is homeschooled, put the name of the city the student lives in regardless of whether the homeschool association is based in another city.
  • Note that there is no prior qualification requirement for the National Humanities Bee. Students that qualified for the National History Bee are also qualified for the US History Bee. The JV Division of the National Political Science Bee is only open to students who have qualified through the JV National Qualifying Exam.
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